BYD Auto unveils a new hybrid that can make a trip from New York to Miami without refueling – Specs, Price and much more…

byd auto unveils a new hybrid that can make a trip from new york to miami without refueling

Chinese car manufacturers are also making headlines nowadays. Recently BYD Auto, one of the leading car manufacturers based in Shenzhen, China unveiled its latest hybrid powertrain 5 seater automobile, that can go more than 2000 kilometers in a dual mode, that is a one time fueled petrol and electric charge combined. 

The EV is giving some tough competition out there against its competitors like Toyota Motor Corp and Volkswagen AG. In the car launch on Tuesday evening in China, the automaker released a statement that the upgraded hybrid tech would be released as 2 sedans the Qin L and Seal 06 costing under 100000 yuan ($13800), giving quite a challenge to its rivals. 

The car manufacturer has really got the edge as per experts. The unbelievable longer range that the dual mode plug in electric technology offers the cars gives the driver a sense of relief that he does not need to stop for charging and cover distances that range from New York to Miami, Singapore to Bangkok or Munich to Madrid in a single charge. 

The company claims that it can go up to 2500 kms in single charge, a feat that no other car manufacturer has achieved till now, not even Elon Musk’s Tesla.

The company achieved the milestone of slashing fuel consumption since the day it launched the EV segment in 2008. The company started manufacturing cars in January 2003 under the leadership of Wang Chuanfu and the first car unit known as BYD F3 went into production in 2005. It has stopped its production of cars powered by fossil fuels in early 2022.

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As per reports the company sold 3 million cars last year, along with 1 million car units sold in 2024 till the end of April. One out of 2 Electric Vehicles in China is a BYD manufactured unit showing the popularity of the brand among the Chinese population and how it has been the key profit making and growth strategy of the company.

The company’s listed in Hong Kong share market and its shares rose by 4 percent on Wednesday.  



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