VIVATEC 2024: Robotics… Keep an eye on all the news from the technical exhibition

vivatec 2024

The eighth edition of Viva Tech, Europe’s largest trade fair for new technologies. This year, more than in previous years, artificial intelligence will take centre stage among more than 3,500 exhibitors. While some see AI as a threat to jobs, the future prospects are brighter, according to the first global AI jobs barometer from consulting and auditing firm PwC. PwC collected at least 500 million job offers across 15 countries, including the US, China and France. The result of this first metric is that AI is good for business

25 per cent increase in wages

As Philippe Trousseau, Executive Director of Technology and Innovation at PwC explains, ‘There are technology profiles that build AI engines. ‘In this case, we are in a market where there is a shortage of talent, so companies are overpaying for this talent,’ explains Philippe Trocheux, executive director of technology and innovation at PwC. But there is also the case of a job that is not related to AI, but in which AI is used to increase efficiency. In this case too, wages are higher, by about 25 per cent.

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According to a study by Apec, the views of executives are already changing. More than half of them are now less cautious, and more than half of them now want to be trained to use AI in their jobs. This is likely to definitely change the way people think about AI.

How Artificial Intelligence is infiltrating LVMH

Helping people without replacing them. At LVMH, AI is now widely used in many of the luxury giant’s businesses.

Table Football 2.0

How can you improve a classic hobby like table football? Snef Lab has had fun making it smarter by introducing a set of additional options that are reminiscent of real football matches.

The French from Enchanted Tools and their robots at Vivatech

The French from Enchanted Tools at Vivatech with their robots Miroki and Miroka, for example for hospital escorts.



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