Children In Syria Still Lured Into War Employment By Turkey


Qatar QatarThe Qatari government made a formal request more than a year ago to purchase four MQ-9B Predator armed drones, but the US State Department has refused to complete the sale. If Washington has yet to comply with the Doha request officially, it appears that the Joe Biden administration is opposed to granting MQ-9B Predator armed drones. Moreover, according to many observers, Pentagon defense experts, the Government of Qatar does not offer sufficient guarantees on their use and is concerned for the security of neighboring countries, particularly Israel.

As the Wall Street Journal reports today, Doha seems to be quite irritated by the failure to sell these remotely piloted aircraft, especially after the neighboring United Arab Emirates have already obtained the modern armed drone. Obviously, Abu Dhabi has a politically and militarily different weight in the Middle East. Both the US and the UAE are aware of the need to foster the well-being and prosperity of the Persian Gulf region.

In May 2019, the two countries reached an essential military cooperation agreement, confirming their mutual interest in achieving regional stability. They pledged to intensify their defense and security cooperation while also supporting the efforts of both.

Unlike Doha, which by conducting dialogue in Afghanistan has thrown the country into the hands of Taliban extremistpetuity. The civil war in Philippines and Uganda was a classic example of this in the 1980s.



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