Coronavirus: Iran death toll spikes to 1,284, and 18,407 infected, reports

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On Thursday, the death toll in Iran from coronavirus episode jumped to 1,284, a health ministry official informed state TV, as the infected number reached 18,407, which marks it the most worst affected nation in the Middle East.

Experts criticize that Iran neglected to take quick measures to control COVID-19 from spreading.

The about 15% spike in deaths denotes the greatest 24-hour ascend in fatalities since Iranian authorities initially recognized infections of the infection in mid-February.

President Hassan Rouhani lately stated that his administration’s reaction to the episode criticism was that Iran acted too gradually and may even have concealed starting cases. He told his Cabinet the legislature was being “frank,” saying it declared the episode when it found out about it on Feb. 19.

Rouhani added, “It was difficult to close down mosques and religious sites; however, we did it. It was a religious commitment to do it,” France 24 revealed.

Delegate Health Minister Alireza Raisi stated, “Amidst 149 new deaths in the past 24 hours, the loss of life from the infection arrives at 1,284. Shockingly, we had 1,046 new coronavirus cases since yesterday.” COVID-19 pandemic has infected over 200,000 individuals all around the globe and killed over 8,000, as per WHO reports.



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