Middle East

Iran records over 57,000 deaths and one million infections from Coronavirus

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Care and Medical Education in Iran, Sima Sadat Lari, announced that the coronavirus has led to 75 new


Chinese Ice Cream Becomes Breeding Ground For Corona Virus

In shocking discoveries over the new virus strains, China has now determined that there can be presence of the virus in ice cream aswell. China’s


Tunisia Protests: Fourth night of protests sees hundreds of protesters being arrested

Tunisia is witnessing widespread protests, entering into its fourth night. On Monday, the centre of Tunis, capital city of Tunisia saw protesters returning to streets


Joe Biden is set to reverse multiple Trump’s orders on climate, travel ban, Iran

Joe Biden is all set to enter the White House on January 20 with blazing guns. President-elect Biden has plans to sign a good dozen

Middle East

Iran bans entry of US, UK covid-19 vaccines, Iranian leader calls them ‘untrustworthy’

During a televised speech on Friday, Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Iran would not import the Covid-19 vaccines from US and UK.


New COVID-19 strain spreading fast amid vaccination efforts

At a time when world governments are working on their inoculation strategies, the new Coronavirus variant has spread across over 30 countries by the end


Israel on verge of snap election as lawmakers block budget

Israel appears to be on course for a fourth national election in less than two years marking a likely collapse of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s


New Coronavirus strain in UK poses risk to global efforts

While countries across the globe are still struggling to contain the rising cases of COVID-19, a new mutant strain of novel Coronavirus is threatening the


UK Might Administer The First Dose On Aging Monarch

Under the leadership of elect President Joe Biden of the US, the reassurance of the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine comes with the previous presidents


China Lets Out Moderate Effect Covid Vaccine To Get Ahead In the World Race

China has played a strange game with the lives of its own. First, its administration did not react in time to get the virus under