A sneak peek into Cristiano Ronaldo’s Luxury Car Collection – one of the highest paid Athletes in the Globe

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The 5 time Ballon d’or winner, former Real Madrid star Forward right now owns a quite sizable car collection worth $18 million US dollars. The fleet consists of luxury cars varying from Buggatis, Ferraris to McLaren Senna etc, the list goes on. Some of the notable are right below;

  1. The Buggati Trio: Ronaldo’s star-studded car collection has to have the Bugatti’s. Starting with Chiron (2.15 million USD), Veyron (1.7 million), and Centuries ($9.9 million), these 3 make up the costliest and superfast hyperarcs in the garage of Ronaldo and cost up to a whooping 13.12 million USD in total.
  1. McLaren Senna: Costing a million USD, this car forms a very special place in Cristiano’s car collection and is named after the Brazilian Formula One Legend Ayrton Senna who died in a car crash on the racetracks in 1994. This car is one of the fastest in the McLaren Family.
  1. Rolls Royce Phantom and Rolls Royce Cullinan: The worth of these 2 cars is 1.3 million USD and is one of the classiest and luxurious cars available in the whole world. The star footballer owns a phantom worth $400,000 USD and a Cullinan worth 900,000 USD. 
  1. Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4: One of the most costliest cars in the collection, it is priced at $318,000. The car can go up to a top speed of 217 miles per hour or 350 kms per hour.
  1. Ferrari Trio ($995,000): He has 3 ferraris in his garage, the Ferrari 559 GTO ($385,000), Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano ($310,000)and the Ferrari F430 ($300,000). 
  1. Bentley Duo ($531601): He bought 2 Bentleys, one a Bentley Continental GT worth $220,000 and a Bentley Flying Spur costing $313601.
  1. Aston Martin DB9: The british origin car finds place in the portuguese stars garage costing around $200,000.
  1. Maserati Grancabrio: This beauty costs around $140,000, and is loaded with features and speed.

These are the top cars in Cristiano Ronaldo’s collection among others. The Al Nassr star has a networth of 500 Million USD if his total football contracts, endorsement deals and other investment business is considered.



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