Did Matty Healy Write A Song About Taylor Swift?

According to fans who claim to have spotted major clues, Matty Healy, lead singer of The 1975, wrote a hit song about Taylor Swift. 

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The track in question is “She’s American,” which includes lyrics like “Ohh, she’s dancing enthralling, I guess I gotta wait my turn.” The song was released in 2016, years after the two musicians first dated before going their separate ways. 

The rumors of their rekindled relationship have been swirling recently, and fans have been pointing to the lyrics of “She’s American” as evidence of their connection.

Although Matty Healy has not confirmed that the song is about Taylor Swift, he did address the rumors in the past. 

He said that the one time he had a flirtation with a girl, it ended up going everywhere, but it wasn’t really anything to talk about. 

He also noted that Taylor Swift wasn’t a big impact on his life and that it was interesting to him how interested the world was in her.

Despite Matty’s previous comments, fans continue to speculate about the possible connection between him and Taylor Swift. 

They have pointed out that the two musicians recorded tracks together for Taylor’s latest album, but those tracks did not make the final cut. 

Taylor also appeared as a guest performer at one of The 1975’s concerts earlier this year, where she performed her hit “Anti-Hero” before covering The 1975’s song “The City.”

According to sources close to Taylor Swift, she and Matty Healy are “madly in love” and ready to go public with their romance. 

They reportedly first dated briefly almost ten years ago, but the timing didn’t work out. They’ve been texting and Face Timing each other a lot lately, and Matty is planning to fly to Nashville to support Taylor on the next leg of her tour. 

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Despite the pressures of their respective careers as international megastars, they are both “massively proud and excited about this relationship” and want to own it rather than hide it away.



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