Discussing methods to promote regional net-zero targets at the Bahrain summit


The first of the Decarbonization Roundtable Series was conducted on May 23 in Bahrain as a part of the Sustainability Forum Middle East (SFME), and included eminent sustainability experts.

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According to the organizers, the purpose of the roundtable, entitled “Carbon Markets: Accelerating and Funding the Road to Net-Zero,” was to provide regional audiences a greater knowledge of carbon markets both locally and globally.

More than 100 leaders from the public and private sectors gathered for the one-day conference to examine the development and practical operation of carbon markets globally and in the region, as well as to evaluate the advantages they can offer as a new tool and route for assisting organizations and nations in the Mena region to achieve their net-zero ambitions.

Under the auspices of Bahrain’s Supreme Council for Environment, leading leaders in the fields of climate, finance, and sustainability met at a high level to explore strategies for achieving regional net-zero targets.

The Supreme Council for the Environment stressed the need of a national collaboration between the public and commercial sectors on this occasion in any nation attempting to achieve net-zero development and sustainable development goals.

The SCE lauded the private sector’s national role in the kingdom and its strong collaboration with different public and private trade and industrial sectors as well as other areas connected to the transition of the energy sector toward clean sources of energy.

The Council also praised the Forum’s first roundtable session for its effectiveness and wished all participants luck in attaining the intended goals.

It applauded the speakers’ efforts to establish bold sustainable economic ideas and novel solutions that advance national efforts to reach net-zero emissions by 2060 and advance sustainable development goals.

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Majed Al Khan, the CEO of Infracorp, a top provider of sustainable infrastructure operating on a worldwide scale, provided the event’s opening comments.

The event’s moderator, Ms. Jessica Robinson, Mena Sustainable Finance Leader, EY-Parthenon, then gave a brief introduction on carbon markets.



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