Egypt to Sell Gabal El Zeit Wind Farms by End-March: Minister

egypt to sell gabal el zeit wind farms

In a recent development, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Hala Elsaid, disclosed that the Egyptian government is on track to finalize the sale of Gabal El Zeit wind farms by the end of March. This move underscores Egypt’s commitment to bolstering its renewable energy sector and attracting investment in sustainable projects.

The decision to expedite the sale of Gabal El Zeit wind farms aligns with the government’s efforts to streamline economic processes and optimize resource utilization. By facilitating the sale within a specified timeframe, Egypt aims to enhance investor confidence and promote transparency in the energy sector.

Wataniya Stake Acquisition

Additionally, Minister Elsaid announced the imminent closure of the bidding process for acquiring a stake in the fuel retailer Wataniya. With a deadline set for accepting final offers within 48 hours from February 6th, the government aims to swiftly conclude negotiations and proceed with the stake acquisition.

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Economic Growth Outlook

Despite ongoing spending rationalization measures, Minister Elsaid remains optimistic about Egypt’s economic prospects. She reiterated the government’s projection of achieving a 3% economic growth in fiscal year (FY) 2023/2024. This outlook underscores Egypt’s resilience and determination to navigate economic challenges while sustaining growth momentum.

Strengthening Renewable Energy Sector

The sale of Gabal El Zeit wind farms signifies a significant milestone in Egypt’s renewable energy agenda. These wind farms, located in the Gabal El Zeit region on the Red Sea coast, are pivotal to Egypt’s strategy of diversifying its energy sources and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. By leveraging its abundant wind resources, Egypt aims to bolster energy security, mitigate carbon emissions, and drive sustainable development.

Investor Confidence and Economic Reforms

Egypt’s proactive approach to expediting the sale of renewable energy assets and facilitating stake acquisitions reflects its commitment to fostering a conducive investment climate. The government’s prompt decision-making and transparent processes are poised to instill confidence among investors, both domestic and international, thereby attracting capital inflows and stimulating economic growth.

The Egyptian government’s announcement regarding the sale of Gabal El Zeit wind farms and the impending closure of the Wataniya stake acquisition process underscores its commitment to advancing renewable energy initiatives and attracting investment in strategic sectors. These developments not only signal Egypt’s resolve to embrace sustainable practices but also reinforce its position as an attractive destination for investment in the Middle East.



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