Elon Musk announces major update for Tesla Superchargers after mass layoffs

Elon Musk announces major update for Tesla Superchargers after mass layoffs

The Chief Executive Officer of Tesla, billionaire Elon Musk, took to X on Friday to announce that the company is ready to invest more than $500 million to expand its Supercharger network and create thousands of fresh charging stations in 2024.

He clarified that the investment covers only “new sites and expansions, not counting operation costs.” The decision comes after Tesla sent an email to its customers in Australia to address concerns about Supercharging service quality which arose after a recent mass firing.

In the email, the company emphasised that the Supercharger network will continue to be expanded and that all ongoing construction of fresh Supercharger sites will be completed and put into operation, according to electric-vehicles.com.

In another recent development, Musk has invited billionaire investor Warren Buffett, the Chairperson of Berkshire Hathaway, to consider investing in Tesla as the EV company navigates a challenging market troubled by a global slowdown in EV sales.

Electric vehicles have been rising into greater prominence in recent years as the climate crisis makes fossil fuels less relatable. Countries across the globe are rushing to find innovative and sustainable solutions to minimise the entry of emissions into the atmosphere.



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