Elon Musk To Unveil Robotaxi Service By 2024


Imagine the Tom Cruise starer sci-fi come to life where you have a car with no steering wheel and no pedals. The Elon Musk lead company is now talking about launching the robotaxi or what we know as we know the modern-day metro rails running feel like.

In a recent revelation, the world’s richest man who has not even released the first look of this mysterious car, has declared that the robotaxi will offer services like the Airbnb or the Uber. A self-driven mechanism will encourage car owners to rent out their vehicles on their own will. The robotaxi would not be restricted to a particular city or location, but local road authorities will have to be roped in, to obtain regulatory approvals.

To be launched in 2024 and not much is known about its looks. No images have been released by the Elon Musk company Tesla so far. Speaking to the media, Musk has said that “there are parking lots full of cars everywhere because cars need a driver and so, most of the time they are doing nothing.  Typically, a passenger car is going to have 12 hours a week of usage. If it is autonomous, maybe it could get to 50 or 60 hours of usage. The interesting thing is the car still costs the same. So, in that scenario, at least for a small time-period, the gross margin for an autonomous car boggles the mind.”

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However, the statistics of self-driving mechanisms being successful on road are not good. Currently, Tesla’s full self-driving programme is at its beta stage. More than 100,000 drivers in North America have access to the system, which requires the driver to remain vigilant and ready to take control. The system has already drawn scrutiny from regulators, after numbers of crashes were alleged to have occurred under autopilot use.

Since 2016, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has sent teams to 39 crashes in which self-driving systems were suspected of being in use, according to agency documents. Of those, 30 involved Teslas, including crashes that caused 19 deaths.



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