Elon Musk Space X Breaks Its Own Launch Record By Achieving 32 Flights

Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is definitely going places in space as it has gone onto to break its own record coming to its 32nd flight recently. But as of now, it has deployed some 46 such Starlink satellites into space.

The promising wonder of space has broken its own record for the number of rockets launched in a calendar year. In 2021, it had topped its mission drives to 31 amid a whirlwind campaign to launch its own internet satellites into orbit.

The aim for Space X remains to launch Starlink satellites to space in the attempt to give flights that are quicker than its rivals in the satellite internet race due in part to Falcon 9 rocket’s rapid reusability. Its closest rival remains OneWeb. The company has confirmed that Musk’s Starlink is available in 32 countries across the world.

OneWeb, which is nearing completion of an internet constellation with fewer satellites, has launched its satellites on Russia’s Soyuz rocket. The company this year plans to use the Falcon 9 after cancelling its Soyuz contract over Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine.

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Starlink is a cluster or constellation of broadband satellites that is a largely consumer-based service with hundreds of thousands of internet users. Elon Musk took to twitter to congratulate his team.

The company, founded by Mr Musk in 2002 to normalise interplanetary travel, has in recent months shifted its focus from manufacturing Falcon 9 rockets to managing a fleet of those already built, investing heavily in infrastructure for refurbishing boosters under speedy timelines.

Starlink has more than 2,800 individual Starlink satellites launched to orbit as the company seeks to build its satellite-internet service. As of now, the company has a regulatory approval to send 12,000 Starlink craft to orbit. But the company is also asking an international regulator to approve 30,000 satellites after that. 



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