EU Hails Major Deal to Reform of Migration Policy ‘Historic’

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After years of political deadlock, the European Parliament has finally achieved a major breakthrough, with EU member countries agreeing to reform the bloc’s migration policy. The new rules will make the European asylum system more effective and increase solidarity between the member states.

The EU migration policy 2023 will bring about faster vetting of irregular arrivals, creating border detention centers, speedy deportation process for rejected asylum applicants and a solidarity mechanism to take pressure off southern countries witnessing big inflows.

Basically, the overhaul of the EU laws on handling asylum seekers and migrants will help reduce the amount of irregular migration to the region. Enhanced laws will balance the concerns of border countries that want help handling asylum seekers and inland countries that worry about too many migrants arriving in one member country.

EU Dealing With Migration Crisis

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola hailed the deal saying it came after years of failed attempts. He acknowledged that the pact was not a perfect package and described it as a political compromise. “It’s a center that does not copy the right, it goes on pragmatism.”

Fernando Grande-Marlaska Gomez, Spanish Minister for the Interior, said the EU migration deal is delivering on its promise to improve the asylum and migration system. “Citizens across the EU want their governments to deal with the migration challenge and today is a big step in this direction. This reform is a crucial piece of the puzzle. But the EU also remains committed to tackling the root causes of migration, working together with countries or origin and transit, and addressing the scourge of migrant smuggling.”

Italy applauded the deal with Matteo Piantedosi saying it’s a relief. “The approval of the pact is a great success for Europe and for Italy which has always played a leading role in order to affirm a balanced solution so that EU border countries, which are particularly exposed to migratory pressure, no longer feel alone.”

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EU Failed, More Detentions

However, Stephanie Pope – Oxfam EU migration expert – believes the deal will only give rise to more detention, children and families pushed into prison-like centers. She said the EU missed the opportunity to finally agree on better responsibility sharing and solidarity rules.

“They have also slammed the door on those seeking asylum with substandard procedures, fast-tracked deportation and gambled with people’s lives with increased risks of refoulment. It is a dangerous dismantling of the key principles of human rights and refugee law.”

Amnesty International raised concerns that the political agreement will lead to a surge in suffering for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants on every step of their journey. It said the reform will weaken the rights of asylum seekers, migrants and refugees, worsen existing legislation and fail to address the urgent issues in European asylum and reception systems.



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