EU Member States Weary Of British Moves Over Rapid Vaccination


The EU member states are not happy on how Britain has secured its own doses through its dwindling politics with the European Union. Britain has been blamed of thinking only of itself and securing doses for both cycles, without leaving enough for EU member states to look after their own.

EU member states are wondering as to how Britain is going to handle its need for a second dose. On its part, Britain feels it has enough to take of its own lot, for both cycles of inoculations. But the EU states are feeling cheated and unhappy as statistics show that currently, Britain has been able to administer the vaccine to literally half of its population, while EU member states have merely covered 17percent of the population.

To avoid losing out on vaccines, especially to Britain, EU leaders late Thursday backed a export control system that aims to keep doses in the EU until the company that produces then has fulfilled its delivery contracts to EU nations.

There is also blame game that has Astra Zeneca at the centre of the dissatisfaction. EU member states feel that the British-Swedish company should not have favored Britain over the interests of the European Union nations.

There are problems with the EU member states on the distribution of the vaccine in a fair and reasonable manner. EU leaders failed to settle a fight about the distribution of COVID-19 shots among member nations after Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Thursday that some countries were receiving more than their fair share at the cost of others, such as Croatia and Bulgaria.

Two countries whose opinion really matters are Germany and France together. France isn’t happy with the British stance either. French Foreign Minister Yves Le Drian has not minced his words when he said that EU had been silly to approve the export of 21 million doses to Britain, while none have come the other way since vaccinations began in December 2020.



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