European official interfering in Somalia election may hint at political advantage


Somalia Somalia-It was unlikely behavior when recently an European official tweeted about the killings that take place in Somalia. The African nation certainly does not come in the priorities of the European side and hence when the European Union Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Somalia tweeted about the killing of Amina Mohamed, it gave rise to a lot of suspicions.

The most concerning issue in Somalia are the elections. The leaders, especially those who are at the top of the ladder, are continuously making it difficult to conduct the presidential elections. The term of Farmaajo, the current president of Somalia, has already ended last year but he is not willing to step down from the position.

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This is being considered as one of the reasons why Tina Intelmann tweeted about the killing of the young lawmaker, also a vocal critic of the government. The incident was horrific and it needed to be brought in front of the world but sudden involvement in the matter from their side came in as an alarm.

People questioned her about evidence she had behind claiming this to be a politically motivated killing. Even political experts from Africa stressed that when questions were not raised during the killings that happened in the last few weeks then why was there a hint of sudden concern among the European crowd.

There are high chances that due to some political advantages, she chose to tweet about the killing of the young activist to show the dreadful climate in Somalia. It was essentially to show how unsafe the country has become so that international organizations stop pressuring the African nation to conduct elections.

Even though nothing can be said for certain, an official remake from their side is surely inclined towards showing the difficult atmosphere in Somalia being the reason behind delay in elections. However, it is well established that the reason behind the delay was Farmaajo’s greed for power.



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