Somalia: 10 Al-Shabab Terrorists Killed In The Southern Part Of The Country


Somalia SomaliaThe Somali National Army (SNA) said that they killed ten al-Shabab terrorists in the ongoing security operations in the southern part of Somalia. The SNA forces led the security operations in Lower Jubba. The forces told the state-owned Radio Mogadishu on Tuesday that some of the militants were also wounded in Yontoy, Raynerow, and Farbulay locations. They also conducted the sting operation in those places.

This move came hours after the SNA repulsed an attack in a military base within central Somalia, killing five al-Shabab militants. Prime Minister Mohamed Roble on Tuesday also held a meeting with senior security and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) commanders on daily attacks by the militants. PM Roble directed them to improve security in the country. He also told them to intensify the counter-terrorism measures in Somalia ahead of the elections. He also told officials to maintain stability in the country as Somalia is preparing for the upcoming elections of parliamentary speakers and the presidential elections.

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Somalia’s election is already delayed for several months. In recent months, a bitter rivalry between PM Roble and President Farmajo postponed the election again. The long-running dispute between the two men started again when Farmajo tried to suspend Roble. The attack by the militants at the base came a week after the United States conducted a drone strike against Al Shabab militants. This was the first attack by the US since August 2021.

The Al-Shabab group is largely active in south-central Somalia. They want to impose a strict version of sharia Islamic law across Somalia. The group launched several attacks in the country in recent years. The group has been fighting to overthrow the United Nations-backed Somalia government. Earlier, the United States urged Somalia to strengthen the electoral course and conduct speedy elections.



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