Somali forces kill attackers trying to enter base of Mogadishu


Somalia SomaliaSomali forces have managed to gundown two attackers as they were trying to enter the base near Mogadishu. They were reportedly trying to enter the army base near the international airport in the capital city.

On Wednesday, the state news media confirmed the incident saying that earlier today, the country witnessed a “terrorist incident” at the camp’s gates. The witness in question said that the two gunmen were trying to penetrate to the base and had also begun shooting at the scene. The same day, state radio also shared the news saying that the attackers were stopped by the Somali forces before getting any entry.

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The TV channel’s twitter account stated, “Security Forces have shot dead two armed terrorists who attempted to force their way into the army base near #Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport on Wednesday and police will give details shortly.” Concerns grew when it was confirmed by the Al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab that they were behind the attack. During the first announcement of the attack, the militant group’s Radio Andalus said that its fighters were still on the field attacking the Halane base.

The camp is of extreme importance to the nation as well as international bodies given the fact that it hosts African Union (AMISOM) peacekeeping troops and also officials from the United Nations. A travel agent confirmed that due to the gunfire near the airport, flight traffic had to be halted. Even with the new developments in connection with national security, the country’s leadership is taking efforts to ensure peace in its territory. Al Shabaab is moving aggressively towards toppling the central government in the African nation and imposing its version of the Islamic rule.



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