International pressure on Somalia to continue dialogue for timely elections


Somalia SomaliaSomalia presidential elections are a matter of great concern to most of the democratic nations of the world especially the United States. The fact that top leaders of the African country are ones who are trying to delay the electoral practice is giving rise to their concern all the more. It is extremely important for the country to witness the elections at the earliest to save itself from going into the pithole where it had been for the longest time.

In total, thirty countries and international organizations including the UN and the EU have called for a dialogue in order to complete Somalia’s elections so that the country could have a new president. Rising terror in the country is another factor that is making them concerned about the situation and hence a new leadership is being promoted in the nation. The Latest deadline for Somalia was once again missed rather than force missed by the authorities. Now the electoral process has been delayed until March 31.

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The actual date for the elections was nearly a year ago and the term of the present government has already expired but Farmaajo is adamant on maintaining his position despite no elections. The 30 member alliance, who are also partners of Somalia said, “We strongly urge all Somali stakeholders to resolve any obstacles to completion of the process in the remaining voting sites through dialogue and on a consensus basis, so as to rapidly and credibly conclude the elections.”

The statement included the African Union and the Arab League while also receiving support from the western countries. The US and Britain had always been of the idea to promote elections but now they also received the support of other regions to build a justifiable pressure on the Somali leaders.



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