Everything About Gold World Series 2023 In Rio de Janeiro

Gold World Series 2023

Rio de Janeiro has been completely taken up by the Breaking for Gold World Series 2023. B-Boy Dany from France and B-Girl Ami from Japan won the competition in the tournament, which is a component of the race to the inaugural Olympic Games.

It happened in Arena Carioca 2, and it counts toward the Olympic Qualifier Series standings. The Breaking for Gold World Series, the Rio de Janeiro stage winners, and the implications for breaking at the Paris 2024 Olympics will all be covered in further detail in this article.

Understanding Breaking for Gold World Series

Any B-Boy or B-Girl who wishes to compete in the inaugural Olympic Games must win the Gold World Series. The Breaking for Gold ranking factors in competitions like the one that ended in Rio.

The Olympic Games break is open to the first 14 competitors of each gender who qualify for the Olympic Qualifier Series, commonly known as the Olympic qualifier, the following year.

Seven competitors from each gender, including the 2023 World Champion and the five winners of the continental championships, can advance to the Olympic Qualifying Series. Each event will have a total of 16 participants, including 16 B-Boys and 16 B-Girls.

The European, African, and Pan American Championships will take place the following month. The following round of the Breaking for Gold World Series will take place on May 17 and 18 in Montpellier, France.

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The Winners of the Rio de Janeiro Stage

B-Boy Dany from France and B-Girl Ami from Japan won the tournament on the Rio de Janeiro stage.

With his triumph, B-Boy Dany is now more likely to compete for France, the 2020 Summer Olympics host nation.

He defeated the winner of the 2022 World Cup, B-Boy Phil Wizard of Canada, in the championship match.

In the men’s competition, B-Boy Shigekix of Japan triumphed over B-Boy Jeffro of the United States to claim the bronze medal.

B-Boy Amir, who won the Breaking for Gold World Series’ first stage in Kitakyushu, Japan, in February, failed to place in the top eight.

B-Girl Ami of Japan captured the gold medal in the women’s tournament by defeating B-Girl 671 and getting back at her countrywoman for the loss in the Kitakyushu final.

It was their third meeting in a final, with B-Girl Ami having beaten B-Girl 671 at the World Cup the previous year. By defeating B-Girl India from the Netherlands, B-Girl Ayumi from Japan took home the bronze medal.

In the first preliminary round, which determined the top 64 competitors, all Brazilian representatives lost.

B-Boy Issin from Japan overcame B-Boy Luan San, and American Gravity outperformed B-Boy Leony. Also unsuccessful, the B-Boy Mouse lost to the skilled Korean B-Boy Wing.

The best local competitor in the women’s tournament was B-Girl Mini Japa, who advanced to the round of 32 but lost to the winner B-Girl Ami. Tequinha and Nathana departed the competition before the Brazilian representatives.

The addition of the sport of breaking in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris has increased awareness of the dancing style and the competitors.



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