Olaf Scholz: “Putin destroyed people’s perceptions of modern world”

Olaf Scholz Putin

Germany GermanyOlaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, claimed that the war in Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin had destroyed the notion that nations should no longer invade their neighbors.

Scholz was responding when moderator Margaret Brennan questioned whether the conflict served as a wake-up call for Europe on the same scale as 9/11 during an appearance for CBS’s “Face the Nation” that aired on Sunday.

Many people around the world, he said, “People were hoping that we were living in a different world, that is different from the experiences of the last century and the centuries before, where might and power, were deciding on the future of countries, and not the rules and the agreements we have between states.”

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“It was agreed with that no attempts should be made to alter the area, change the borders, or invade the neighbor. Putin has since terminated this deal, according to Scholz, who also called it a “watershed moment in world politics.”

He responded that they should have been prepared for this possibility when Brennan challenged him on whether or not he believed that Europe and Germany had become overconfident.

“What is Putin contemplating? He adopts the imperialist mindset of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries “said Scholz. “He believes that everything in a country revolves around strength, and that if you are strong enough, you can just annex the territory of your neighbors. And this is a practice and a concept that we cannot and will not tolerate.” According to him, all Western leaders can do to deter Putin is persuade him that their strategy is ineffective and that they would not be successful.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has caused ripples throughout Europe. For instance, Scholz claimed that Germany revised its strategy for dealing with foreign affairs, which included the decision to never provide weapons to a nation engaged in armed combat. Following criticism for withholding help, the nation last month transferred large-caliber guns to Ukraine. After being motivated to do so by Putin’s invasion, Finland and Sweden are also prepared to join NATO.



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