Exploring notable generative AI platforms available today

exploring notable generative ai platforms available today

Microsoft-backed OpenAI triggered a new race in the technology world last year when it launched its generative artificial intelligence platform ChatGPT. The product swiftly became a sensation, with other challengers now trying to match its capabilities or even surpass it.

The apparent race has resulted in a number of more platforms being launched, as developers aim to tap into the potential of the emerging technology, which is expected to soon redefine interactions in business and society as we know it.

Generative AI has impressed users, while offering a major boost to the lagging semiconductor industry. But it has also been triggering a rise in concerns and controversies, with some considering it as the most overhyped emerging technology of 2023.

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The Most Notable Generative AI Platforms Today

ChatGPT: The One Behind The Craze

It’s the one that started it all. OpenAI’s ChatGPT was launched last November and became a sensation across the globe owing to its advanced conversational capabilities. It’s being considered the gold standard currently, with other developers viewing it as a challenge.

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In January, a study by UBS showed the product had attracted some 100 million users just a couple of months following its launch, making it the fastest-growing consumer app to date – until Meta’s Threads – launched in July – hit that milestone in five days.

Google Bard: The First Rival

ChatGPT remained the talk of the AI town for about three months until Google entered the arena in February with Bard. The platform aims to create innovative ways to engage with information. Since then, it has been smooth sailing with a few hiccups.

Code Llama From Meta

Launched last week, Code Llama can use text prompts to generate and discuss code free of charge. It supports a number of popular programming languages, such as C++, Python, Java, PHP, C# and Bash. And it’s just part of the Meta’s stacked arsenal of generative AI offerings.



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