Fact Check: Is China Raining Worms On Its Citizens?


Worms are seen showering down from the sky in Beijing, the capital city of China, in a bizarre video that has gone viral on social media.

Following the incident, according to some sources, Beijingers would now be seen carrying umbrellas to the street in order to avoid being hit by the strange rain.

Several people believed that worms had truly started to fall from the sky due to the inclusion of the phrase “shower of worms” in social media advertisements for the film.

Online theories have begun to circulate to assist solve the mystery, but the Chinese officials have not yet provided an explanation for the strange occurrence.

Other people hypothesized that the mystery worms might actually be poplar blooms, a popular tree in the area whose flowers are sometimes mistaken for caterpillars and are filled with seeds.

A possible explanation is that a powerful wind blew the worms towards Beijing. This assertion was supported by the scientific publication Mother Nature Network, which noted that these kinds of animal incidences regularly occur following a storm.

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Such encounters with animals, according to The Scientific Journal of the Mother Nature Network, take place after a storm when wind or a whirlpool sweeps bugs miles away.

Shen Shiwei, a Chinese journalist, pointed out that the footage was phony and that Beijing had not recently had rain. “This video is false, and I’m in Beijing. These days there hasn’t been any rain in Beijing, he claimed.

The video was dubbed a “prank” by some online users. The worms, according to one of the users, were just on the automobile and not on the pavements. The video was therefore a joke.

Others, however, claimed that the worms’ falling video clip was entirely typical and that it occurs each spring. Others mocked the occurrence by claiming that the Chinese people might have eaten the falling worms as dinner. According to reports, no official Chinese authorities have made any statements on the subject to date.



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