Twitter Faces Technical Issues Globally, Can’t Protect You From Trolling


There were numerous glitches on Twitter. On Monday, some users were unable to log in, while others had trouble loading images because links stopped working.

Since Elon Musk drastically reduced its staff, the company, which has seen an increase in instability and bugs, said

“Twitter may not be functioning properly in some areas right now. We changed something internally, and some unintended things happened as a result. We’re addressing this right now, and once it’s resolved, we’ll let you know.”

Since Musk fired the majority of the employees responsible for keeping Twitter operational, engineers and industry experts have been alerting that the platform is at a higher risk of fraying. Users failed to send tweets just last month due to a bug.

Since well over two-thirds of Twitter’s pre-Musk core services engineers appear to have left, engineers who left Twitter have already explained to The Associated Press why they anticipate significant unhappiness for Twitter’s more than 230 million users.

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Although the engineers don’t foresee a near-term collapse, they warned that Twitter could become very unreliable – particularly if Musk makes significant changes without conducting a lot of off-platform testing.

Twitter Can No Longer Protect You From Trolling

Many reports in recent months have asserted that after Musk took control of Twitter. These findings stated that, contrary to Musk’s statements, hate speech is on the rise and receiving greater attention.

Insiders believe that the company can no longer “defend users from trolling, state-coordinated disinformation, and child sexual exploitation” in the most recent development on that front.

According to a BBC article, hate is blooming under Musk’s leadership, using both rare academic data and testimonies from Twitter users.

According to the report, Twitter experienced an increase in accounts that follow misogynistic and abusive identities, harassment increased, and trolls gained confidence.

However, present and former workers of the company assert that the “chaotic working environment” created by Musk’s constant bodyguard protection makes it difficult to maintain the measures designed to shield Twitter users from harassment and trolling.



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