Fighting Erupts Between Somali and Libyan Forces in Turkey, Suspicions over Turkish-Trained Somali Forces


Reports from Turkey say a knife fight broke out at a military training camp for Somali, Libyan and Syrian troops. There was a battle in which many soldiers were killed.

Turkish and Libyan media have reported a knife fight between Somali and Libyan forces. The troops, who were training at a military base in Turkey, clashed with each other, killing at least 20 soldiers and wounding others,who are being treated in Turkish hospitals.The fighting is said to have started with a Syrian soldier being stabbed to death, which is not clear who was behind the killing. As a result, a Somali soldier was later stabbed, and a knife battle ensued between the two trainees.

More than 20 soldiers from both sides have been killed in the fighting inside a military base in Isparta, and some of the wounded have been taken to medical facilities. The governments of Somalia and Libya have not yet commented on the fighting between the two trainees, and the Turkish government has not yet issued an official statement on the bloody incident.

Turkey trains troops from Somalia, Syria and Libya, and is said to be under Turkish control, sometimes for personal gain. Although the Ankara government has denied using the troops as weapons, there are suspicions that Turkish government using them as a mercenaries to deploy them in Libya and other war frontline.

Turkey argued that Somali soldiers trained in finding mission to fight Alashabab, but there are arguments against this, pointing out that Turkey is using Somali trainee forces for its own interests. Some experts say Turkey is going to strengthen its military presence in eastern Africa and the Red Sea.



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