africa coups destabilize sahel region

Africa Coups, Politics and Economic Tensions Destabilize Sahel Region.

The coups and ensuing political crisis and economic tensions in Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, South Sudan and Niger has destabilized the Sahel region. Military juntas

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Fighting Erupts Between Somali and Libyan Forces in Turkey, Suspicions over Turkish-Trained Somali Forces

Reports from Turkey say a knife fight broke out at a military training camp for Somali, Libyan and Syrian troops. There was a battle in

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Introducing weapons and brainwashing youth in Somalia, Erdogan expands his influence in the Horn of Africa

Turkish government continues to supply weapons to the Somali army and training youth on military action and intellectual change. According to the Turkish ambassador in


Why should Europe stop funding the Libyan Coast Guard?

Europe, and Italy in particular, continue to finance the Libyan Coast Guard, prolonging the suffering and becoming complicit in the death of migrants and refugees

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Libya Finds The Will To Sell Oil Once Again

Strange movement seems to be happening in the war torn Libyan region where the National Oil Corporation (NOC) seems to have lifted the force majeure clause from its key oil facilities….

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Famous people and popular personalities used to embellish Qatar’s image in Africa.

Qatar is trying to maneuver between its relations with elements involved in terrorist acts and others that have a good international reputation in Africa, which

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Why Africa And Russia Aren’t Hit By Coronavirus

Ever wondered why are there less cases of coronavirus spread in Russia and Africa? There is a certain advantage of these countries right now, mainly