France, Germany finding ways to carry on safe evacuation process from Kabul beyond 31 August


Germany and France are seeking to find a way to continue running the Kabul terminal for the safe evacuation of their citizens and Afghans that are stuck in the Taliban controlled nation beyond the US’s deadline of 31 August.

According to The Guardian, Germany is currently discussing whether Turkey could lead a citizen only airlift out of Kabul airport after US troops exit Afghanistan.

Joe Biden administration is currently under pressure to extend the August 31 deadline. The US President has not yet ruled out the choice of extending the evacuation date. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to urge Biden to extend the withdrawal date beyond the August deadline in the virtual G7 summit later today.
The French foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, has additionally said: “We are worried about the withdrawal deadline set by the United States on 31 August. Extra time is required to finish progressing evacuation of desperate Afghan refugees and other country citizens; stuck in Afghanistan.” 

Germany has been holding talks with Turkey to see whether it can operate a citizen-only flight at the Kabul air terminal after its military operation is complete. 

At the Pentagon press conference today, Joint Staff Deputy Director for Regional operations Army Maj. Gen. William ‘Hank’ Taylor and Former Spokesperson of US Department of State John Kirby stated we are committed to completing troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan by 31 August 2021.

However, the Taliban warned that any step by US troops to defer their withdrawal to provide people more time to escape would “incite a response.” 

Afghanistan’s security forces failed as the Taliban advanced, regardless of 20 years of Western powers training them and providing them security. Since then, many Afghans have escaped the nation, dreading a ruthless Taliban rule once again in Afghanistan, which is now a harsh reality. 

In the Pentagon press meet, US Army General stated, “our soldiers are focused on their current mission, which is to secure the Kabul airport. Around 5800 US troops are deployed at the airport right now and are taking care of the evacuation process of people.

Concerning the security and safe evacuation of US citizens from Afghanistan, Taylor added, our commanders are making sure that all Americans, green card holders, and Afghan wartime helpers are evacuated smoothly.



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