EXCLUSIVE: “Tunisia is on the right track,” Iteb Akaichi tells The Arab Post

The Tunisians today seem to have found a smile again after the recent decisions of the President of the Republic, Kais Saied. In an exclusive commentary to The Arab Post, Iteb Akaishi, activist, blogger, and President of the Tunisian youth association, says that all the measures taken by Saied represent an attacked historic move to put Tunisia back on the path of democracy. “First of all, we have to go back in time to understand this popular revolt and this desire for change,” Iteb Akaishi said.

“In fact, since the 2011 Jasmin revolution, the economic and social situation has worsened. The Tunisians’ purchasing power has decreased, the poverty rate has increased, and Tunisian youth are increasingly precarious. Especially the unemployment crisis is becoming more and more concerning among young academics and graduates “. The young Tunisian activist and blogger explained,

The cause?

According to Akaishi, “several factors, political, economic but above all the arrival of a new Islamist ideology which has brainwashed hundreds of young people … a black ideology, that of political Islam”. Young people are therefore those who have suffered the most in the last ten years, as is also shown by the statistics of landings from North Africa on the European Coasts, in particular from Italy, the country historically and geographically closest to the young Republic. Itab Akishi adds that “July 25, 2021, is mostly a release date for young people. President Kaid Said has responded to our will to change this corrupt system.”

The new Tunisia is our last chance to take back our stolen Tunisia, to resume our violated revolution …

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“The change is evident, especially in the management of the health emergency. After a long period of suffocating crisis in Tunisia, oxygen was provided, and vaccination operations were intensified, which led to a drop in contagions by COVID-19, and consequently, to a reduction in the hours of the fire roof ban.” The activist explained, revealing that “Traders have also responded to the president’s calls for lower prices, which raised Tunisians’ satisfaction.”

Some Islamist parties are accusing President Kais Saied of a coup, basing their debate on the fact that the President has not yet appointed a prime minister. In this regard, Akaishi affirmed: “It is true that there is a delay in the government’s announcement, but the State has not stopped working. We are witnessing daily layoffs of many senior officials, particularly in the Ministry of the Interior, to neutralize it. That is the excellent job that President Kais Saied is doing in the fight against corruption, smugglers, and monopolies that have spread throughout the country during the last ten years.”

The young activist, sharing the thoughts of millions of Tunisians, concludes: “We are on the right track, the path of democratic correction, and we are happy to hope for better days in this new republic, the new Tunisia of today.”



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