G42 Healthcare Ties Up With AWS To Provide Global Multi Omics Data

G42 Healthcare

Biobank services are a reality as companies invested into artificial intelligence are helping to break ground in disease prevention. This process helps in collecting tissue and understanding the basic health of human beings, detecting possible occurrence of disease and then further prevention too.

G42 Healthcare, a subsidiary of Group 42 is invested in artificial intelligence and cloud computing has now joined hands with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is going to work together on data collected through genomics, proteomics and biobanking.

The announcement for the collaboration was made recently at the Bio International Convention in San Diego, with the aim of making G42 Healthcare’s sequencing, proteomics and data analytics capabilities available to “governments, population genome programmes and life science initiatives across the world”, the entities announced this recently.

G42 Healthcare owns the region’s largest omics centre in Abu Dhabi that can deliver more than 500,000 whole-genome sequences per year. Omics refers to a field of study in biological sciences.

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The intend is to cater to the need of the world as ‘a comprehensive population genomics initiative our deep understanding of how to deliver at scale — from sample management to advanced analytics.’ Meanwhile, Amazon’s subsidiary, AWS, will provide on-demand cloud computing platforms to other businesses. In a formal statement to the press, Jens Dommel, head of public sector health care for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at AWS has confirmed that its partnership with AWS ‘will provide on-demand service for multi-omics data globally.’

“Governments and researchers can benefit from democratised access to next-generation sequencing, proteomics and data analytics, supported by the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today,” Mr Dommel said.

Post the pandemic, the world is woken up to the presence od unheard and unseen diseases like the Covid-19 that led to world wide lockdowns where humans found it tough to breath air outside their houses.

Investments in pharmaceutical and diagnostics fields have picked up in the recent months as companies increase their holdings within the healthcare sector.



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