American Legal Advisor Deported From Middle East Over Allegiance To Extremists

American Legal Advisor

Assem Abdul Rahman Ghafoor, of American origins has been tried and convicted in the Middle East for money laundering and tax invasion. Tried by the concerned court that hands on sentences for such crimes, he has been reportedly deported too from the country.

He has also been fined with a sum of $3 million Dirhams ($816,000). While he graduated from the University of Texas, he has also served with the American government as legal counsel to the Texas governor and formed a network of relationships with politicians in Washington before establishing his own law firm in the late 1990s.

What has really gone against him is his growing association with Brotherhood-related organizations, such as CARE, the group’s U.S. arm, and Withhad Awad, president of CARE. He was then under scanner for encouraging money laundering which is hugely used for terror funding.

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He has supported parallel transactions too. His association goes a long way as a legal adviser to DAWN, founded by figures such as Abdullah al-Awda, the son of Saudi militant preacher Salman al-Awda, or another organization called Our Relatives, which was founded by Saudi dissidents, such as Abdul Rahman al-Hawali, the son of hard-line Saudi preacher Safar al-Hawali.

In 2014, he had already been listed by the US government under its security list of terrorism financing suspects. He was convicted in absentia and therefore, he has the right to a retrial as well, as per the US Consular’s communication with the Middle Eastern nation.

The case arose upon the American authorities’ request for judicial assistance regarding their investigations of the accused for tax evasion and making suspicious money transfers to the state, and their inquiry about his bank accounts receiving those transfers and related transactions. The US government has offered complete support, something that has been highly appreciated by the Middle Eastern nation.



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