Apple London Store Attracts Attention As An Example Of Renewable Energy Model


United Kingdom United KingdomVisual merchandising is everything- so you would feel if you walked into an Apple store in London and felt it awe. A breathtaking view was talked about when the Apple Tower Theatre retail store was launched at the Broadway Theatre District in downtown Los Angeles, California.

This time, Apple company has created history as it makes another out-of-the-world experience with its store on Brompton Road in London. Designed entirely to make use of renewable energy, the store’s floor is also made of plant based bio-polymers. This is the only store in the world that has made use of such renewable material.

The terrazzo flooring is the icing on the cake; much before the retail giant is going to launch some new devices. Retail selling is a lot about visual appeal and products like mobile phones might make huge investments in attracting the customer playing with its psyche and letting them know that a multinational company is serious about its green initiatives.

Like many other technological things, Iphones consume a lot of energy and also emit heat. As its carbon footprint increases by 18 percent in 2021, The online retail giant aims to power its facilities with 100% renewable energy by 2025.

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The setting up of such a massive store is somewhere in lines with this. The online retail giant noted that its ‘carbon intensity’– the amount of carbon generated per dollar of merchandise sales — decreased by 1.9%, saying this decrease could eventually lead to a smaller carbon footprint.

“The path to net zero carbon has many obstacles, but we thrive on big challenges,” Amazon said in its report. Augmented reality is another thing that has been highlighted at the new London store. Apple has been focused on augmented reality for years, with Tim Cook suggesting that it is one of the company’s highest priorities. While the iPhone and iPad have a number of AR features, much of the focus has been on Apple’s rumoured augmented reality glasses, which is reported to be progressing towards launch.

The new store also launched with a focus on other recent Apple features, including its Spatial Audio music feature, which was highlighted by music workshops and listening sessions.



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