Freedom Convoy Protests End, Trudeau Criticised By The Opposition For Invoking Emergency Powers


Canada CanadaThe Freedom Convoy protests ended after 21 days in Canada. The Canadian police on Sunday made the final push to clear the capital city of demonstrators. The streets were quiet for the first time after 21 days. However, the opposition blamed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his ‘dictatorial’ tendencies. They compared him with autocratic world leaders.

A video clip was shared by the news agency AFP, in which Trudeau was seen admiring Chinese president Xi Jinping. The video was from 2013. After winning the 2013 Canadian general elections, he said that China’s dictatorship helped China to improve its economy. Subsequently, people on the internet started saying that Trudeau drew inspiration from the Chinese president. PM Trudeau invoked emergency powers to remove the protesters from Ottawa. The emergency was declared in a brief statement from the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson. He added that the emergency declaration will help police and city staff to disperse the protesters. Reportedly, police officers were largely unprepared to deal with the unusual protest by the truckers.

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The Canadian police on Saturday used pepper spray as well as stun grenades to disperse the protesters. The authorities reportedly increased crowd control operations. Protesters were confronted by Canadian police with rifles. On Friday, police officers arrested over 100 people. On Saturday, police officers removed the main portion of the barricade, which was in front of Trudeau’s office and parliament.

Reportedly, Steve Bell, the interim Ottawa police chief, said that 170 arrests had been made in the two days. On Sunday, police officers reclaimed Ottawa after truckers’ anti-vaccine protests ended. The protest started in Ottawa on January 28, when the truckers started rolling into the city. The truckers demanded to remove Covid-19 restrictions such as a vaccine mandate on truckers plying between Canada and the United States (U.S). They argued that the new Covid-19 rules should not be mandatory.



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