Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam will not be extending her term


Hong Kong Hong KongAs per confirmation by direct sources, Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam has decided not to extend her term on Monday. The Chief Executive of the autonomous region has witnessed several ups and downs during her term. From battling heavy protestors to tackling Covid-19, which saw immense rise in recent months, she was prone to every public judgment despite her not being in full control of the governance.

According to the leader, it is “personal wish and aspiration” and for this decision no external factor was responsible other than her family considerations. She confirmed the announcement during a press conference post the start of nomination period in the city. She went on to further say that she had already informed Chinese officials about her decision in March last year. It was during China’s annual parliamentary meeting when she decided that she will not be extending her term post June 30 this year.

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“This will also mean I am finishing my 42 years of public service,” she further added. As far as future plans are concerned, she confirmed that she has not decided much on that. Speculations about her continuing her rule started doing round recently when it was analyzed that she had the lowest approval ratings.

She took over Hong Kong from Britain in 2017 and promised the people that she will repair the dividend society and order stability in the city. But not even two years to the term, she witnesses one of the most unstable forms of governance under her reign with massive protests and widespread anger in the region. People started calling her out for favoring China when it imposed an extradition bill that gave tremendous upperhand to Beijing instead of Hong Kong.



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