Jordan’s Prince Hamzah bin Hussein relinquishes his title a year after house arrest


Jordan JordanJordan’s Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, known to be quite outspoken about his disagreements over “how the country is run”, has relinquished his title on Sunday over same rift. This is the latest turn in ongoing feud in Jordan’s palace that led to Prince Hamzah placed under house arrest last year after he had accused the leaders of his country of corruption, harassment and incompetence. Hamzah has publicly shared his disagreements with the “modernized” ways of administration by Jordan’s King Abdullah, known to be close to the West.

The announcement of renouncing his title was made by the prince on his official Twitter account. Citing the reason of his decision, Prince Hamzah wrote that his “convictions cannot be reconciled with the current approaches, policies and methods of our institutions.” Prince Hamzah, the fourth son of the late King Hussein and younger half-brother of the ruling King Abdullah, stopped just a step from directly criticizing King Abdullah II and other elites just as he had done last year – the move that had put him under house arrest. Later in July last year, a statement was released by the palace – an apology purportedly by Prince Hamzah asking for forgiveness of his half brother King Abdullah II.

Prince Hamzah posted a tweet on Sunday, “Following what I have witnessed in recent years, I have come to the conclusion that my personal convictions which my father instilled in me, and which I tried hard in my life to adhere to, are not in line with the approaches, trends and modern methods of our institutions.”

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“From the matter of honesty to God and conscience, I see nothing but to transcend and abandon the title of prince. I had the great honour of serving my beloved country and my dear people over the years of my life.” He concluded, “I will remain as I have always been and as long as I live, loyal to our beloved Jordan.”

Analyst Amer Sabaileh opines that latest statement by Hamzah might rekindle the rift between royals of Jordan, that was believed to have been resolved by prince’s apology. Sabaoleh further noted that the announcement has been made unilaterally and without any consultation with the royal family of Jordan. “He is trying to re-engage with the old narrative,” Sabaileh said of Hamzah. “We are back to the point where he is saying he is not satisfied, that he is still bitter and there is no reconciliation.”



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