How An Engineer Was Tortured To Become An Iranian Informer


In another incident of blatant brainwash, a Canadian Iranian software engineer working with a social media giant has turned sides and become an informer for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRG). The IRG is a powerful tool of the Iranian military that remains sanctioned by the United States as a terrorist organization.

Behdad Esfahbod is known to be a brilliant software engineer, who claims to have been arrested by the Iranian police at the streets of Tehran, kept in solitary confinement for a period of seven days and then forced to become an informant. While Esfahbod did not adhere to the pressure tactics, he has quit work in the American social media bigwig, almost lost his mind and family life and has returned to Alberta in Canada.

A graduate of the Sharif University of Technology, Esfahbod truth came out in the open as he took to the popular journalist and writing website Medium to talk about his ordeal. A brilliant student, he won a silver and gold medal in the International Olympiad in Informatics. He is also known for his ground breaking work for the past two decades has been instrumental in making non-English writing scripts available to web and Android users the world over.

Esfahbod’s accounts talks about his ordeal in the dreaded Evin Prison. He does admit that the torture and brainwashing could have come at a time when Iran had faced criticism over the massive plane crash and many Canadian lives also being lost. Threatening him of 10 years of imprisonment under false charges, he was repeatedly beaten, kept in blindfold and psychologically tortured to accept the offer of becoming an informer.

According to Esfahbod, Iran is trying to catch hold of intelligent engineers, journalists and academia who can be a link between Iran and their respective countries of stay. Their intent is to extract information that continues to give Iran a strong hold over technology from these countries. Iranians wish to circumvent filters and gain access to secure connections abroad. The community that believes in Esfahbod in Iran is livid and the social media is crying aloud against government misusing their power to strip people of their human rights.

According to a prominent media agency who spoke to Hadi Ghaemi, executive director of the Center for Human Rights in Iran, a New York-based group, “They chase the best and brightest first into exile because of lack of opportunities at home. Then Iran’s authorities “target the diaspora for vicious political gain and attempts to turn the community against each other.”

In the past, Iranian authorities have repeatedly captured several Australian, British and French nationals threatening them with dire consequences if they did not adhere to their demands to act as informants. Most of these imprisoned individuals continue to hold themselves together and prove their innocence to dubious allegations of spying and espionage that Iranian authorities slap on such individuals as a pressure tactic.

They usual scout of those with dual citizen ships or lineage and connect with Iran. Iranian authorities have arrested academia or engineers into academic research that might deal Islamic studies or Iranian literature.



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