Historic bridge between Europe-Asia reopened by Turkey


Turkey TurkeyIt will be an understatement to say that Turkey is blessed with its geography especially when one thinks about how it shares its territory with two of the most crucial continents in the world–Asia and Europe. Given its role and position, Turkey has taken a historic step by opening a massive suspension bridge on Friday that connects Turkey’s European and Asian shores.

The decision to open this bridge was taken by President Tayyip Erdogan in line with other major infrastructure projects that his government has been prioritizing since his tenure started as the president. The bridge was built by Turkish and South Korean firms in 1915 with a total investment of €2.5 billion ($2.8 billion). At that time, it was the longest main span for any suspension bridge in the world joining the two towers of the world.

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Its reopening has been added to one of the achievements of Erdogan in line with his plans towards the majority of infrastructure in Turkey. Since the first time his party, AK, came into power in 2002, he has been promoting this idea of revamping historical structures of Turkey and also dessimnation of the idea of massive infrastructures.

This includes his projects like Istanbul airport, rail and road tunnels including the famous Bosphorus strait in Istanbul and the bridge over it. “These works will continue to provide profit for the state for many years,” Erdogan said He stressed that projects such as these will help the nation be highlighted more when it comes to large shares, investments, workforces as well as export values.



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