Iran Denies Ownership of Seized Supertanker’s Oil Cargo Amid Escalating Tensions


Recent reports that the cargo of the Indonesia-seized supertanker MT Arman 114, flying the Iranian flag, belonged to Tehran were refuted by Iran’s oil ministry. It was believed that the supertanker was involved in the unlawful transshipment of crude oil. The episode, in which Iran sought to take a U.S.-managed tanker in international Gulf seas, adds to the rising tensions between Iran and the United States. Iran’s foreign ministry blasted the United States for spearheading a plan to withdraw Tehran’s request to organise a maritime event amid the uproar. The circumstances behind the captured supertanker, the charges and denials exchanged between Iran and the U.S., and the ramifications for global marine politics are all covered in this article.

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The Iranian-flagged supertanker MT Arman 114 was taken into custody on July 11 by Indonesia’s coast guard, who believed it was involved in the illicit transhipment of crude oil. Although the ship was carrying a sizable cargo, Iran’s oil ministry quickly disputed any ownership of the cargo in a statement that was reported by the nation’s state media. Unexpectedly, the statement failed to mention who the true owner of the oil cargo was, leaving the issue mired in secrecy and rumours.

The supertanker’s cargo was categorically denied having any connection to Iran in the oil ministry’s statement. The ministry charged that the media had propagated untrue material about Iran to defame the country. However, the statement was vague about who the cargo’s potential owner was, prompting observers to speculate about the shipment’s real origins and purposes.

The seizure of MT Arman 114 comes after rising tensions between Iran and the United States. Iran attempted to take the Richmond Voyager tanker, operated by American oil giant Chevron, in international Gulf waters in a notable incident earlier in July. The already tense relations between the two countries became much more tense due to this action, raising worries about possible reprisal and regional wars.

The head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ navy added gasoline to the fire by threatening retaliation against any oil business discharging Iranian crude from another captured vessel now anchored outside the port of Houston. The potential repercussions of the tensions between the two nations and their interests in international shipping and marine affairs are starkly brought to light by this warning.

By proposing to the council of the U.N. shipping agency to withdraw Tehran’s candidacy to hold a maritime event in October, the United States further incensed Iran. In response, the spokesperson for Iran’s foreign ministry criticised the action taken to block Iran from hosting an official international conference pertaining to marine matters and accused the United States of using the United Nations’ technical and specialised committees for political purposes.

Interestingly, information from open sources showed that MT Arman 114 had previously gone by the name Grace 1. The Grace 1 was taken into custody by British Royal Marine commandos in July 2019 because it may have been trying to transfer oil to Syria against EU sanctions. Due to this episode, there was a diplomatic impasse with the West, which raised questions about Iran’s role in the black market for oil.

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The situation between Iran and the United States has worsened due to the detention of the MT Arman 114 and Iran’s denial of ownership over its oil cargo. The two countries’ mistrust and animosity have grown due to the charges and denials concerning maritime matters. The international community closely monitors the situation’s developments and is still concerned about its possible effects on regional stability and maritime security.



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