Why Did Bashar Al Assad Recently Visit Aleppo With Family?

Bashar Al Assad

Syria SyriaSyria’s President Bashar Al Assad visit to Aleppo city comes as a shock. After almost a decade, he visited the bomb devastated city along with his grown-up sons and wife offering prayers on the occasion of Eid-Al-Adha.

A former rebel stronghold, today lies in ruins. The eastern part of Aleppo city was held by rebels and extremist factions for four years in rebellion against Assad. The latter has been supported by Russian mercenaries employed by Kremlin who oust the rebellion group in 2016, marking a major turning point in the civil war.

Once considered a spot full of monumental wonders, the city was badly damaged in the four years of civil war. The Aleppo city has also been considered till then, one of the world’s longest continuously inhabited parts of Syria boasting of bustling markets, mosques and public baths. Fighting damaged as much as 60 per cent of Aleppo’s Old City, according to estimates by the UN’s cultural agency, Unesco.

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Assad has been wishing to control Aleppo for a long time. Unless he does that, his dream of full control in Syria remains undone. He was anyway elected without opposition and an election that did not confirm to UN prescribed standards. He literally got himself self-elected. For Damascus, therefore this city of ruins is a crucial economic hub.

Assad has both Iranian and Russian support. His friendly meeting could just be a starting point for takeover in diplomatic ways. Despite not having authority over some major parts of the Aleppo province, Assad was seen visiting a major power plant in the province’s eastern countryside and supervising its partial relaunch after war damage. Assad was also present for the relaunching of a water pumping station, statements from the Syrian presidency to media confirmed. Electricity networks and other infrastructure across the country were ravaged by the war, which is estimated to have killed nearly half a million people and displaced millions.

The power plant has been resurrected with Iranian help. The message is getting louder- Assad takeover might happen sooner and the strategy might have been given off by Iran and Russia together.



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