Israel PM’s Decision To Fire Defense Minister Sparks Massive Protests


As the two men’s tensions had been increasing for some time, the decision was made public on Sunday.

By supporting a bill that would only allow the prime minister to serve two terms, Gantz was charged by Netanyahu with betraying his coalition government.

The bill, which Netanyahu, who has been in office for more than ten years, vehemently opposed and called a “left-wing putsch” against his government.

The COVID-19 pandemic was the focus of last year’s unity government that Gantz and Netanyahu formed. Gantz, a former army chief, had been Netanyahu’s main opponent in the previous three elections.

However, the alliance was never solid, and tensions between the two men were frequently present. Israelis protested in the streets in large numbers after Gantz’s dismissal was announced.

In Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other cities, protesters gathered to demand Netanyahu’s resignation and to denounce his corruption and authoritarianism.

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Although there were reports of some clashes between police and some protesters, the demonstrations were largely peaceful.

For obstructing roads and causing unrest, the Israeli police detained a number of people. Israel’s allies are worried about Netanyahu’s decision to dismiss Gantz.

The US State Department expressed its concern over the development in a statement and urged all parties to avoid taking any steps that might destabilize the area.

The firing of Gantz comes at a critical time for Israel, as it faces a range of security challenges, including ongoing tensions with Iran and the threat of attacks from Hamas in Gaza.

With his military background and reputation as a key player in preserving Israel’s security, Gantz was highly respected.

Many are calling for Netanyahu to step down and new elections as the situation in Israel remains tense.

How the prime minister will react to the escalating unrest and whether he will be able to maintain his position in the face of mounting criticism are still unknown.



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