Yemeni leaders promise to fend off another Houthi attack


When international envoys denounced the militia’s latest assault, Yemen’s presidential council pledged to oppose the “terrorist” Houthis and urged resistance.

The latest Houthi attacks, mainly in Marib and Shabwa, showed, according to the council, which is presided over by Rashad Al-Alimi, that the militia has no intention of putting an end to the conflict. It made a commitment to obstruct their plans and stated that it will support locals in Houthi-controlled areas in their fight against tyranny.

The SABA news agency described the council as stating, “The council encouraged the international community to recognize the gravity of this terrorist escalation, with the continued smuggling of further Iranian equipment to militias, and the disastrous ramifications for world peace and security.”

But, it promised to “take all necessary steps to protect public interests and discourage terrorist organizations.” It did not define how it would react.

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After the militia assaulted oil infrastructure in the provinces of Hadramout and Shabwa last year, the eight-member presidential council has come under increasing public pressure to conduct counterattacks.

Since early last week, the Houthis have made marginal gains in Shabwa and Marib, aiming heavy weapons and explosive drones against government troops.

A few villages in the Hareb and Merkhah Al-Ulya districts of Marib and Shabwa were taken over by the Houthis before government troops were able to push them back after receiving reinforcements.

On Saturday, the militia also made an attempt to kill Taiz Governor Nabeil Shamsan by firing artillery and missiles at his car.

The repeated attacks have been denounced by Western embassies in Yemen, who have also encouraged the Houthis to de escalate and cooperate with peace efforts.

The militia must “stop its provocative acts and show a true commitment to peace in Yemen,” according to British envoy Richard Oppenheim.

“We deplore the recent Houthi escalation in Taiz and Marib, which resulted in casualties, and offer our sympathies to the families of the victims,” said Steven Fagin, the US ambassador.



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