Israeli settlers on rampage torch homes and vehicles in West Bank

West Bank

The scores of Israeli settlers went on a violent rampage in the northern West Bank, torching dozens of cars and homes when two settlers were slain by a Palestinian gunman late Sunday.

In what appeared to be the greatest outburst of settler violence in decades, one man was reported dead and four others had serious injuries, according to Palestinian medical personnel.

According to authorities, Israelis from the Har Bracha settlement went crazy after a Palestinian shooter on Sunday killed two Israeli brothers as they were driving in the occupied West Bank.

The gunman “came to a junction and opened firing towards an Israeli vehicle,” according to the Israeli military. A soldier participating in a programme for Jewish seminary students was one of the dead.

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The Palestinian strike, which occurred as Israeli and Palestinian officials convened in Jordan to talk about reducing tensions, received no immediate claims of responsibility.

Palestinians claimed that Zionists from the adjoining Har Bracha settlement attacked Palestinian homes in Burin village after the killing.

Social media posts on the town of Hawara, which was the scene of a fatal shooting earlier in the day, showed massive fires burning there and lighting up the sky.

One video showed throngs of Jewish settlers gazing at a burning structure while performing the Jewish prayer for the dead. A well-known Israeli Cabinet minister and settler leader had earlier urged Israel to strike “without compassion.”

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported late Sunday that an Israeli settler shot and murdered a 37-year-old male. According to the Palestinian Red Crescent medical service, a third person was stabbed, two more individuals were shot and injured, and a fourth person was beaten with an iron rod.



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