Jordanian Ministry Of Labor Disappears Overnight


Jordan JordanIn an attempt to overhaul the public sector, the Jordanian government has decided to scrap the Ministry of Labour and also merge six other ministries to be merged into three.

According to an official statement that has come from the office of the PM Bisher Al Khasawneh, “The mergers will occur without touching workers’ rights or laying them off.” There is a disturbance around wondering as to what is going to come of the job losses. But the general tone of the message is that everything will be taken care of.

The functioning of the Ministry of Labor is going to now fall under the purview of the Interior Ministry. This would mean that the issuing of work permits for foreign workers will become the Interior Ministry’s job. The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research will also be merged to become one entity.

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The Ministry of Culture will be merged with the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Transport with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

According to the latest official data from 2015, about a third of Jordan’s 1.35 million employed people work for the government. The figure excludes agriculture and the security forces.

Jordan’s economy is debt driven. This has been seen as a necessary step towards making the economy a little more self-sustained. Up until now, their $9 billion government revenue each year was being spent on salaries for public sector employees and the security forces. As of now, the public debt of the country accounts for 90 per cent of the economy and unemployment officially at a record high of around 23 per cent.

Ironically, the King continues to maintain a lavish lifestyle and had been earlier implicated in public money laundering and siphoning funds into private accounts outside of Jordon.



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