Jordanian Parliament dismisses MP Al Ajarmeh for instigating protests


The Jordanian Parliament on Sunday voted to expel MP Osama Al Ajarmeh after his tribal supporters attacked security forces in a violent protest in the capital Amman on June 5. During an emergency session, 108 Jordanian MPs, out of 119 present, voted to oust Osama Al Ajarmeh. The 130-member lower chamber called an emergency session after Al Ajarmeh’s tribal supporters carried out demonstrations in the Naour area of Amman that resulted in four police officers getting gravely injured.

On May 28, the House of Representatives voted to freeze Al Ajarmeh’s membership for one year over his derogatory remarks against the parliament and King Abdullah II. With this decision, Al Ajarmeh is banned from participating in further House proceedings and his allocations are also cut off.

On Sunday, House speaker Abdel Moneim Awdat and other MPs condemned Al Ajarmeh’s “deviated, slanderous” allegations targeting the King. The Parliament further hit out at the MP for insulting the legislative house, its prestige, decorum, and reputation of the members of parliament.

“Parliament firmly supports the King against all attempts targeting his prestige, and rejects any tampering with the Kingdom’s social fabric, its tribal and family harmony, and social peace, which form the basis for Jordan’s security and stability.” the Speaker said, as reported by the state news agency Petra.

Denouncing the violence witnessed by Jordan in the past few days, Awdat added that it calls for the need for imposing the rule of law to preserve the country’s unity and national gains and to defend Jordan’s security and stability in all circumstances.

As per reports, the outspoken MP was caught on video insulting King Abdullah II and criticising the chamber. After his membership was frozen, Al Ajarmeh resigned from the house. He submitted a resignation letter, questioning the country’s constitutional provision and King’s powers.

As per an Arab News report, various videos emerged through social media in which the ousted MP could be seen making threatening statements against the government and calling for the establishment of a “radical Jordanian right-wing” with tribes and ex-military personalities in the country. In response, the Jordanian government affirmed that it would not tolerate any attempts of threatening the stability and security of the country.

Meanwhile, the government has called on all citizens to refrain from participating in illegal gatherings and assemblies targeting Jordan’s social peace and security. The Cabinet added that it has been monitoring all illegal gatherings, urging citizens to distance themselves from such acts.

The Interior Ministry has also noted that it is investigating various telephonic calls that were made to hold public demonstrations on Saturday in violation of the law.



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