Prime Minister of Jordan denied the coup, former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein will not face a trial


According to local media quoting lawmakers, the Prime Minister of Jordan Bisher Al-Khasawneh denied there had been a coup, adding that the former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein will not face a trial. Parliament members, Saleh Al-Armouti, Mohammad Al-Alaqma, and Omar Ayasrah, confirmed in an interview with the TV “Roya News” that their prime minister stressed there was no coup and that those implicated were arrested except for Prince Hamzah, who will be dealt with within the frame of the royal family.

Last week, Jordan’s Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi indicated that Prince Hamza had been liaising with foreign parties over a conspiracy to destabilize the nation and has been watched for a while. The officials hindered communications between Prince Hamza and foreign stakeholders over the timing of steps to undermine Jordan’s defense, Safadi revealed during a press conference. The proof showed Prince Hamza had been interacting with outside individuals, the so-called Jordanian antagonist, and had recorded two videos in Arabic and English in an “instigation attempt,” Safadi pointed out.

He also stated that Prince Hamza’s wife had also made contact with an agent of a foreign country to obtain escape. He stressed that Jordanian intelligence has intercepted certain messages at what he called the “zero hours,” adding that it was clear they had moved from a plan into action. He said dozens of individuals are under arrest in addition to senior officials whose capture had already been published.Safadi affirmed that the security efforts to foil the attempt had been fully Jordanian and that all suspicious actions were now under full control.The security services have asked for those involved in the plot to be transferred to the state security forum.

The real internal situation of the Hashemite royal family is still unknown. Hamza had immediately stated that there would be no plans for a coup, but that criticism had simply been expressed within the royal house because of the economic crisis that the country is going through.Until a few days ago, the news was that Hamza bin Hussein was under house arrest, but on Sunday King Abdallah of Jordan appeared in public for the centenary of the foundation of the Hashemite state together with Prince Hamzah and other members of the family. The climate would therefore be calming and showing the country the unity of the royal family is important in the difficult moment that the kingdom is going through.



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