‘Miracle’ baby girl reunited with mother nearly two months after deadly Turkey earthquake


Nearly a couple of months after the devastating February 6 earthquakes and aftershocks rocked southern Turkey, claiming more than 50,000 lives so far, a mother has been reunited with her three-and-a-half-month-old infant following DNA test results, the country’s Family Ministry said.

The “miracle baby”, called Vetin, miraculously survived the disaster and was pulled out of the debris of a building in the Hatay province more than five days after the quakes rattled the region, a ministry statement said, adding the child had no health problems.

Minister of Family and Social Services Derya Yanik completed the handover 54 days after the tremors, paving way for the reunion after a DNA test confirmed Yasemin Begdas, who was receiving treatment at a hospital in Adana, was her mother.

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The infant was handed over to Yasemin at the hospital there. Interestingly, Vetin was initially treated at a hospital in Adana before being flown to Ankara by the presidential plane. Unfortunately, her father and two brothers didn’t survive the disaster, the statement added.

Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, took to Twitter to post photos of the baby and share the reunion. While reports suggested the mother had died in the quake, turns out she is alive and was apparently treated in a different hospital, he added.



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