10-Evergreen K-Drama Love Songs

K-Drama Love Songs

Here is a list of 10 classic love songs from Korean dramas, including hits by BTS, EXO, SHINee, BTOB, and other artists.

The variety of K-drama love songs is so wide that picking just a few is difficult. However, I’ve compiled a must-have collection of 10 classic love songs that rank among my all-time favorites. It’s important to understand that the songs’ chronological order does not imply any sort of ranking.

1. Punch and Monday Kiz’s “Another Day” – Hotel Del Luna

On “Another Day,” Punch and Monday Kiz’s seamless collaboration produces an exquisite sobfest that perfectly captures a passionate melodic journey through love you can feel in your bones. The singers most movingly describe how the star-crossed lovers resist each other in this dark fantasy romance between a man and a doomed eternal woman in a song that emphasizes the pain of unrequited love.

2. Chanyeol and Punch’s “Stay with Me” is featured in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

This song sounds like a reverie in a fantasy romance about an eternal goblin who seeks a human wife to sever his life-giving invisible sword from his chest. It’s energizing acoustically, magnificent structurally, and elegant vocally. Punch’s divine vocal talent and Chanyeol’s (EXO’s) unrivaled rap prowess give the song its bluesy beauty. “Stay with Me” is a little bit more satisfying to me in terms of evoking intense desire than other love ballads in the K-drama OST canon.

3. Descendants of the Sun’s Chen and Punch’s “Every Time I See You”

Punch and Chen (EXO) expertly jammed together to produce an era-defining hit. Beginning with the initial chemistry between a surgeon and a special operations officer, it captures lovely occasions. The entire song, “Every Time I see you,” is intense and the vocalists create pure magic. Punch’s rendition of “I Love You” perfectly concludes the duet.

4. Loco and Punch’s “Say Yes” – Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Silky vocals by Ryeo

Punch has an undeniably seductive charm. She delivers “Say Yes” in a calm, stream-like rhythm that ebbs and flows through incredibly moving passages. The song is filled with heartfelt exchanges between the drama’s characters, and Loco adds a fresh twist with his stylized rap verses.

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5. V – Our Beloved Summer’s “Christmas Tree”

I’ll therefore reveal a myriad of obscure facts to you. Everything becomes entangled inside. The lyrics to the angst-filled song “Christmas Tree” depict someone who is eager to express suppressed emotions. The song tells the tale of two best friends who are in love but are unable to confess their feelings. The song has a unique personality and a feeling of intimacy thanks to V’s (BTS) incredibly seductive vocals, which elevate it to the status of a standout love ballad.

6. Baek Ye-rin -“Here I Am Again” from Crash Landing on You

Imagine a total stranger risking everything to protect you. Can you stop loving a man who is like that? I doubt it. And that’s essentially what this excellent drama is about—a love story transcending national boundaries. After a paragliding accident, a chaebol heiress crashes in North Korea, and as a local special officer protects and shelters her, they fall in love. In “Here I Am Again,” Baek Ye-rin musically tells the story of this romance. The song’s lyrics express that the man will be her haven despite the chaos—something she has always missed.

7. Our Blues- “Be with You” by Jimin and Ha Sung-Woon

The outstanding teamwork in this ballad raises the soundtrack to the caliber of a masterpiece. “With you” alludes to a desire to be close to loved ones, as seen in the drama Our Blues.

8. “Ambiguous” by Seo Eun-Kwang, Lim Hyun-Sik, and Yook Sung-Jae – Fight for My Way’s

The combination of Ha Sung-mesmerizing Woon’s voice and Jimin’s (BTS) calming, hushed tone, along with the piano and acoustic guitar, creates breathtaking harmony. It is a special, therapeutic piece of music.

The musical setting of “Ambiguous” is the perfect choice for this story about outcasts juggling romance and friendship while pursuing success. The music video combines a collage of heartwarming scenes from the series with inserts from the song’s recording session with Seo Eun-Kwang, Lim Hyun-Sik, and Yook Sung-Jae (BTOB). It is a dynamic, engrossing piece of music that highlights the three important singers’ combined dynamism. The many emotions that come with falling in love are expressed by dramatic strings playing in tandem with their intertwined harmonics.

9. Chen’s “For You”, Baekhyun, and Xiumin – Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

With their impeccable blending and distinctive singing styles, Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin (EXO-CBX) incorporate a tender portrayal of love in “For You.” Baekhyun not only sings but also plays Wang Eun, the 10th Prince, in the drama about a woman who travels through time to the Goryeo Dynasty during a total solar eclipse. Although “For You” is a song that is both mystical and comforting, the series tells the tale of a heartbreaking romantic encounter that rocks the woman’s world.

10. By  V and Jin “It’s Definitely You” from  Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

The Hwarang theme song, “It’s You,” by V and Jin (BTS), expresses the lover’s need and pain while maintaining a happy attitude. The two musicians’ stark tonal differences between each other make the tune stand out. Thanks to Jin’s exact notes and V’s superb baritone voice, it has a tonne of finesse. It’s a fantastic song with a lively cadence that perfectly complements Hwarang’s breathtakingly gorgeous visuals.



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