Moroccans protest against Covid-19 passport requirement mandate to enter indoor facilities


Morocco MoroccoMorocco had announced to only allow people inside indoor facilities when they get both the doses of the vaccines, also being called a coronavirus passport. The mandate for this has led people to jump on streets to protest against the compulsion.

On Sunday, protests erupted across the country against this passport. The nation has been witnessing mandatory vaccination proof since October 21 for things like places of work, restaurants and for domestic and international air travel but for now things have changed for using indoor facilities.

The country is leading in terms of the vaccination rate in the continent. It has been able to administer more than 58 percent of 36 million people to get vaccinated. Despite a positive vaccination rate, kingdoms are sticking to the strict Covid-19 protocols in the region.

One of the protestors said that it should not be compulsory, rather it should be people’s choice to receive the vaccine or not. The capital city of Rabat saw hundreds of demonstrators on streets for the second time to voice out their concerns for the vaccine pass which has been made compulsory.

The protestors reportedly got so angry that they broke the police cordon and officers were forced to shield themselves from the mass that came towards them. Later on, the reports revealed that there were some arrests during the protest and some of them also suffered injuries.

Other parts of the country also witnessed protests including Casablanca, Tangiers in the north and Agadir in the south. All these places saw an eruption of people demanding for the mandate to be taken back.

Even though people have complained of inconvenience regarding the strike mandate, Morocco’s rules for the pandemic has kept the country running ahead of others in the vaccination rates as well as safety measures.



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