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Libya LibyaOn Thursday in Tripoli, the Libyan government met together with 15 foreign ministers, representatives of the African Union, the European Union, the Arab League, and the United Nations for an international conference. The goal is always the same: to stabilize the country after ten years of civil war.

“Libya’s unity government is strongly committed to the country’s sovereignty, independence, regional security, and national unity,” Libyan foreign minister Najla al-Mangoush told a news conference. “Strongly rejects foreign interference in Libyan affairs and denounces attempts to violate the arms embargo and create chaos. It is essential to take the necessary steps to build trust and create an appropriate environment to hold national elections honestly and transparently.”

As the countdown to the elections, which will be held on December 24, begins, the priorities remain the maintenance of the ceasefire, the gathering of the different armed groups of the country under a single security body, and the withdrawal of foreign fighters.

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In his speech at the opening of the Conference in support of Libya’s stability, the head of Libya’s National Unity government, Abdel Hamid al-Dbeibah, stressed that the initiative “is a strong message that the phase of stability and construction has begun in our country.” The Prime Minister described the Ministerial Conference in Tripoli hosting foreign ministers and world leaders as a historic day, “it is the first time that such a meeting has come close to the reality of the Libyan people, which confirms its commitment for peace and stability.”

According to the Prime Minister, yesterday’s meeting also underlined the willingness and ability of Libyans to establish a pure national political solution. Dbeibah stressed that since he took office, he has committed to supporting the High National Electoral Commission (HNCEC) so that Libya gets to the elections in time. “The Government of National Unity has achieved stability and peace in Libya after years of division,” Al-Dbeibah said, highlighting the establishment of a committee to support the elections and to provide full support to all institutions involved, inviting citizens to participate and respect the results of the vote actively.

“In parallel, however, we are working to integrate the unification of state institutions and work effectively to end livelihood crises, power outages, fuel supplies, deterioration of health sector services, and lack of vaccines to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic. Thank God, we were able with our brothers, as well as health workers, to provide good vaccines and to work with all the news to complete the vaccination of all Libyans”. So, continued the Libyan Prime Minister.