Libyan Foreign Minister announces the Ministerial conference for stability


Libya LibyaLibyan Foreign Minister Najla al Mangoush announced the details of the initiative for the stability of Libya, stressing that the capital, Tripoli, will host an international ministerial conference on October 21st to support the initiative.

Al Mangoush said in a speech broadcast by the platform “Our Government” that the goal of the initiative is that Libya become a place for positive economic competition, with the aim of finding a national mechanism and an international position and unified regional government that is in solidarity and coherence with this vision and with the development of the mechanisms necessary to support stability in Libya, especially with the approach of the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The Libyan Foreign Minister added that the initiative also aims “to ensure optimal implementation of United Nations resolutions, in particular Security Council resolutions 2570 and 2571, as well as the Berlin 1 and 2 conferences on Libya and to discuss consensus necessary to face the obstacles and to develop the necessary mechanisms for this, as well as to support and assist the Libyan authorities in the implementation of their political, security, economic and financial plans and to face dangers and challenges.”

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She explained that the initiative for the stability of Libya focuses on two paths of fundamental importance: the path of military security and the economic one, observing that as regards the military aspect “this initiative aims to provide the necessary political and technical support for the full implementation of the ceasefire agreement and to support the achievements of the 5 + 5 Committee.

In addition to supporting and encouraging positive steps and measures that would unite the Libyan army under a single command in order to improve its ability to protect the country, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as providing technical support for the dismantling and integration of elements of armed groups not involved in terrorist and criminal acts and to rehabilitate them technically and physically, in addition to the withdrawal of all mercenaries, foreign fighters and foreign forces whose continued presence poses a threat not only to the stability of Libya, but rather to the entire region.

Regarding the upcoming elections, scheduled for December 24th, Al Mangoush said that this initiative aims to mobilize the necessary support for the National High Electoral Commission to allow it to play its role in a positive and transparent way, as well as supporting the transition and national reconciliation, including the work of the High Commissioner for National Reconciliation and the dissemination of awareness of human rights through a religious and media discourse that calls for tolerance and rejects extremism, violence, and regionalism.



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