Netflix Password Sharing: How Will Netflix Detect Password Sharing?

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Netflix is implementing measures to detect and address password sharing among its subscribers. They will utilize a combination of techniques to identify and take action against those who share their accounts outside their households.

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Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, previously viewed password sharing as a positive practice, but the company’s stance has changed. 

The growth of password sharing, coupled with the increasing competition in the streaming industry, has prompted Netflix to take action.

To identify password sharing, Netflix relies on several factors. These include IP addresses, device IDs, and analyzing account activity across different devices associated with the account. 

In some cases, Netflix may also request users to enter a verification code sent to the account holder to confirm their access.

While the legality of password sharing remains a gray area, no one has been prosecuted for sharing their Netflix password thus far. 

However, Netflix’s efforts to curb password sharing are primarily focused on encouraging account holders to pay for additional profiles or transfer freeloaders to their own paid accounts.

Netflix has already initiated a series of tests and actions to address password sharing. They began by asking users to verify their accounts using a four-digit code sent to the account holder. 

In certain countries, such as Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, Netflix introduced the option for reduced-priced “sub-accounts” outside the household. 

Additionally, they launched an “add a home” feature in some Latin American countries, allowing users to extend account access to more locations.

Starting now, Netflix will email users in the United States who are sharing their accounts with individuals outside their households. 

The email will provide instructions on how to transfer a profile to a new account or the option to pay for sharing the account. The company aims to encourage users to comply with their terms of use.

Netflix has also introduced the “Profile Transfer” tool, which allows password sharers to easily transfer their profile data, including watch lists, histories, and recommendations, to a new account. 

The cost of sharing a Netflix account varies by region. In the United States, it will be $7.99 per “extra member,” while in Canada, it will be CAD$7.99 per sub-account.

Netflix’s measures against password sharing demonstrate their commitment to protecting their revenue and adapting to the evolving streaming landscape. 

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By employing technology and offering alternative options for account holders, they aim to encourage users to adhere to their policies and pay for the appropriate access.



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