Netflix ‘Queen Cleopatra’ Depicts The Story Of An Ancient Egyptian Queen


The Netflix documentary series “Queen Cleopatra” will premiere in four parts on May 10, 2023. The television show, which Jada Pinkett Smith is executive producing, will examine Cleopatra VII Philopator’s life and legacy. She ruled the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 to 30 BC.

The program will explore the remarkable tale of a courageous queen whose intelligence frequently went unnoticed in favor of her beauty and love.

This documentary will explore the rise and fall of an iconic figure in culture whose image has been continually embellished and distorted by history, even though Cleopatra’s history has been the focus of considerable academic discussion.

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Cleopatra is portrayed by Adele James, Caesar by John Partridge, Marc Antony by Craig Russell, and Pothinus by Michael Greco in the ensemble cast.

Pinkett Smith stressed the significance of telling the stories of Black queens and enlightening the public about their history when discussing the series.

She also expressed her enthusiasm for the series’ plans to delve further into Cleopatra’s past and reconsider this intriguing aspect of her narrative.

For Westbrook Studios, “Queen Cleopatra” is executive produced by Pinkett Smith, Terence Carter, Miguel Melendez, Sahara Bushue, as well as Jane Root and Ben Goold for Nutopia. The show will reevaluate Cleopatra’s life and what makes her a contemporary cultural icon.

This much awaited television series is slated to offer a novel interpretation of a well-known tale that has been depicted in media for decades.

The popularity of this documentary series is anticipated among viewers given the growth of social media and the demand for diversity and representation.

In addition to offering a fresh take on a well-told tale, the show’s makers seek to shed fresh perspective on the life and legacy of Cleopatra. Starting on May 10, 2023, viewers can watch all four episodes of “Queen Cleopatra” on Netflix.



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